Successfully tackling the RACGP written exams – it’s all in the Semantics.

Semantics – relating to meaning in language or logic. In the didactic teaching days of old, written exams required recall and regurgitation of factual information, BUT oh how things have changed, and for the better.  In keeping with socratic methods, the RACGP exams now require contextual interpretation of knowledge.  That’s where semantics come in.   The […]

Filling the vessel or finding the water source: Didactic versus socratic approaches in GP Education.

Author:  Dr Rebecca Stewart Working, training and being assessed in different medical contexts is challenging.    With the publication of RACGP exam results, there is always a vibrant discussion regarding the validity and reliability of assessment, exploration of ‘near misses’, and an understandable spectrum of emotion extending from exhilaration related to a high mark, elation […]